Pal Tiya Premium 2kg bag

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The sculpting material

allowing you to make beautiful art

that can go outside in any weather!

Benefits Of Using Pal Tiya Premium For Your Next Sculpture Or Commission:

  • It’s easy to use
  • No need for molds, ovens or kilns
  • Add to a sculpture days, weeks, months later
  • Considerable natural strength
  • Can be used for small scale to large scale sculpture work
  • Once cured can go outside in ANY weather
  • Microscopic shrinkage
  • Can be painted

Pal Tiya Premium (PTP) is an easy to use "all-weather sculpting material" that cures to stone-hard without firing or kilns. The working texture is a fine silky clay that is fiber-reinforced for high strength in thin walled applications. It has considerable inherent natural strength.
PTP can be hand laid up without the use of molds or specialized tools.

Purpose built for large and strong sculptures with very fine surface details. Work may be added to and altered months later.
Pal Tiya Premium is a satisfyingly direct route from your hands to a finished sculpture - with less fuss than any other sculpting medium.

And of course it is Weatherproof...

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